Lighted Ear Curette Variety Pack

Lighted Ear Curette Variety Pack

Product SKU: 8519363
With 1 Light source and magnifying lens includes all tip styles except CeraPik™

"...I just wanted to say thank you so much again for the Lighted Ear Curettes. Without being able to remove cerumen from many of the people we saw, it would have been nearly impossible to get good test results from them, much less make earmolds. The lighted ear curettes were the perfect solution, not only were they easy to use, but they also were more effective than some of the otolights and curette combination I and my fellow students have used in the past. ...And what was neat is that because they looked like little wands, the kids were actually interested in them rather than being afraid of them."
Belize Medical Mission Trip
Allison Young
University of Louisville Audiology Department

"Bionix Lighted Ear Curettes have really changed our practice. We quickly and painlessly can clean out ears. We love them!" - Nancy Van Keuls, M.D. Westlake,OH "Our Doctors were always trying to hold the ear and the light and a curette to remove ear wax but since we purchased The Lighted Ear Curette, it has become so easy and less cumbersome!"
Traci Bigham, LPN Grand Island, NE

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