EarWay Pro S, 4,2mm, Blue, 25 units

EarWay Pro S, 4,2mm, Blue, 25 units

Product SKU: 8518024
Compatible with: Interacoustics Affinity 2.0, Interacoustics Equinox 2.0, Interacoustics Callisto, Interacoustics VIOT, Interacoustics Affinity Compact, Natus-Otometrics Aurical, AudioScan Verifit 1, AudioScan Verifit 2
EarWay Pro - Wax Removal Helix Very easy and safe way to remove ear wax. The helix grabs around the ear wax lumb and pulls it out in a comfortable way.

NOTE: This product is not for home use. To be used only as instructed - by certified and authorized hearing healthcare professionals. FDA Approved.
Evidence based on clinical research.
Cost effective patient empowerment.

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