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Sanibel™ REM Probe Tubes, Type B 40 pcs

Sanibel™ REM Probe Tubes, Type B 40 pcs
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Bag of 40 pcs

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Cost efficient test probe tubes with orange handle, designed for real-ear measurements (REM). Sanibel™ REM probe tubes are made from a stiff, yet flexible material which is biocompatible and latex-free. They feature a beveled 45 degree angle tip and black marker ring for easy insertion into the ear canal. The probe tubes are compatible with MedR®x, Interacoustics®, Otometrics, Frye, and Siemens REM systems. Delivered in bags of 40 pcs.

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  • Length: 80mm
  • Beveled 45 degree angle tip
  • Black marker ring
  • Biocompatible, latex-free
  • Bag of 40 pcs

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